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Why Study in Australia?

Australia has the third-highest number of international students globally, behind only the United Kingdom and the United States despite having a population of only 23 million. Therefore, it isn’t surprising when you consider Australia has seven of the top 100 universities in the world! In fact, with over 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions, Australia sits above the likes of Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan, ranking eighth in the Universities 2012 U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems.

University List

  • Australian Institute of Higher Education
  • Chisholm Institute of TAFE
  • King’s Own Institute
  • Southern Cross University
  • University of Tasmania
  • James Cook University
  • Equals International

Study Group

  • Australian College of Physical Education
  • Australian National University College
  • Flinders International Study Center
  • Taylors College
  • The University of Sydney Preparation Program
  • Charles Sturt University Study Center
  • Martin
  • Taylors High School
  • Endeavour College of Natural Health