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How we can help you?

Student Counselling

We help students to select their desired programmes and country by going through their academic and related profile & provide different options and information to choose the right course and country.

Student Visa

We will help you through entire Visa process from filling up applications, preparing financial statements, sources and will guide you for mock interviews and other related matters.

University Selection and Application

We provide assistance to help you get into those Universities that would suit your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile and help you with application and other related matters.

Scholarship Application

There are many scholarships, grants, and bursaries which can help support you financially with your studies. We will assist you with all the information and to apply for the scholarships.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Moving to another country is an exciting but daunting experience, if the culture is unfamiliar to you. Departure session helps with preparation , Accommodation, arrival and settling, registration etc

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